Last updated June 23rd 2020.

New Zealand Golf’s 2020 National Academy has now been named with a number of emerging talented players gaining selection for the first time.

The incumbent members who have been re-selected include Daniel Hillier (Professional) in Phase Four, Kazuma Kobori, Carmen Lim, and Vivian Lu in Phase Three.

The newly selected Phase Three members are Tyler Wood, Jared Edwards, Sam Jones, Mako Thompson, James Hydes, Fiona Xu, and Darae Chung.

There are four phases within New Zealand Golf’s Talent Development Programme with two distinct tiers within Phase Three, the National Academy.

Tier Two is for players who have shown great potential but may still have some way to go before representing New Zealand at senior level or turning professional. They have been identified as emerging talent but still have developmental gaps that need to be addressed while they strive to improve their on-course performance’s.

A Tier One player has addressed the majority of their developmental gaps. While they are still on their skill mastery journey, they have shown deep engagement in their programme and have several competitive performances that show evidence of this growing mastery. This evidence will likely include strong international performances.

Phase Four, Rookie Pro Assistance, allows New Zealand Golf to support those that meet the criteria for this phase to make the transition into professionalism.

For a guide of the levels of performance mastery, skills, standards and behaviours required to achieve selection into the various phases of the Talent Development Programme follow this link:

The National Academy will be invited to attend training camps, will have access to New Zealand Golf’s national services provider network to assist with their programme development and may be provided opportunities to compete internationally.

The 2020 National Academy members are:

Phase Three – Tier Two

Carmen Lim (Windross Farm), Vivian Lu (Royal Auckland and Grange), Fiona Xu (Titirangi), Darae Chung (Shandon), Kazuma Kobori (Rangiora), Tyler Wood (Palmerston North), Jared Edwards (Royal Auckland and Grange), Sam Jones (Manaia), Mako Thompson (Maraenui), and Jimmy Hydes (Gulf Harbour).

2020 Rookie Pro Assistance:

Phase Four

Daniel Hiller (Professional).

New Zealand golfer Daniel Hillier named as part of phase 4 New Zealand Golf National Academy.