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“When I was a toddler I had a plastic club and would constantly be hitting balls around the house, so Dad got me a small golf club and I used to go to his cricket matches and spend the day chipping the ball around the boundary flags of his cricket field. He took me to Pauatahanui Golf Course a few days before my 5th Birthday and I played 5 holes, and have been playing ever since.”

– Dan Hillier

“The most difficult thing about golf would probably be the fact that a competitive round takes 4-5 hours and you’re spending less than a quarter of that time actually hitting a golf ball, so there is a lot of time to think and sometimes those thoughts can have a negative impact on your game. It can be very mentally taxing trying to fight those thoughts that you don’t want in your head, so you need to learn to quiet your mind and focus only on what you can control when things get heated.”

– Dan Hillier
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