Source: 2019 Wellington Sportsman of the Year Award Nomination.

13/08/2018 – Co-Gold Medal WINNER at the 2018 US Amateur Championship Qualifier, Pebble Beach GC, California, USA (The top ranked Amateur Golf Tournament in the World)

05/09/2018 – 3rd Placed Individual at the 2018 Eisenhower World Team Golf Championship, Dublin, Ireland (The top ranked Amateur Teams Golf Tournament in the World)(Top placed NZ player)

15/11/2018 – 5th Placed Amateur at the 2018 Emirates Australian Open, Sydney, Australia (First weekend cut made at this tournament – Tied 60th overall including world renowned Professionals)

15/01/2019 – 5th Place at the 2019 Australian Amateur Championship Qualifier, Sydney

11/01/2019 – 6th Place at the 2019 Australian Master of the Amateurs Championship, Melbourne

27/06/2018 – 7th Place at the 2018 European Amateur Championship, Netherlands

12/07/2018 – 7th Place at the 2018 Players Amateur Championship, South Carolina, USA

20/01/2019 – 9th Place at the 2019 Australian Amateur Matchplay Championship, Sydney

24/07/2018 – 12th Place at the 2018 Pacific Coast Amateur Championship, San Francisco, USA

07/10/2018 – 13th Place at the 2018 Mens’ Asia-Pacific Amateur Championship, Singapore (Top placed NZ player)

19/08/2018 – 17th Place at the 2018 US Amateur Matchplay Championship, California, USA

01/08/2017 – 17th Place at the 2018 Western Amateur Championship, Chicago, USA

Daniel has been NZ’s top ranked Amateur in The Mens’ World Amateur Golf Rankings (WAGR) since January 2018. He attained his highest World ranking to date of #13 during the week commencing 26th February 2019, and is currently World #18. This ranking system is based on ranking points gained from tournament results worldwide within the previous 104 week period.

During the Awards Period, Daniel’s overseas tournament commitments meant he was out of the country for 165 days, travelling alone playing on courses he had not been to previously. This gives more context to the highly competitive results he has achieved.

If I was to choose a favourite from the courses I have played, I’d say Kinloch would be right up there.”

– Dan Hillier